We conceive and elaborate creative concepts


We turn your dream house into a reality. Our turnkey operation provides full design, planning, onsite assembly and fit-out service for prefabricated houses. Free of hassle.
Luxury Clovers is a one-stop-shop industry leader that provides the best client service for the most demanding projects. Our modular building process ensures a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.
You will be able to discuss your project requirements with a hands-on team, ready to provide personalized advice and cater to any additional specifications on projects and finishes at all stages of the building process.
We keep an eye on the latest trends to provide modern and functional architectural styles, always with aesthetics and efficiency being major deliveries concerns. Our aim is to meet the highest standards and cater to the most exquisite tastes.
As a result, we execute and build different design templates, guarantee a seamless process for the delivery of a superior quality house, following state of the art technical standards, which will allow you to live in total comfort and safety.


We combine technical accuracy with focus to the client’s needs and desires, leading to the most creative solutions possible. Our experience in the construction area allows us to optimize project solutions, making them more effective, easier to implement, and reducing costs. Luxury Clovers' superior technical capacity allows us to live to the highest standards of quality design.
Whatever your needs are, we can develop the projects from scratch or rehabilitate existing buildings. We cover a wide portfolio of options, developing projects applicable not only to housing, but also to warehousing, office spaces, restaurants, cafeterias and schools, among others.

Steel works

We develop and execute made-to-measure metallic structures, which can be made tailored to a client's specific design to accommodate their more specific needs. Our range varies from light metal structures to heavy metal structures, selecting the materials and techniques best suited to each particular situation. We can carry out projects from the simplest to the most complex, such as technical shelves, street gates, pergolas, industrial pavilions, among others.

Templates and

We execute and build based on different types of construction, adhering to all technical standards, which will allow you to live in total comfort and safety. Modular buildings use the same materials and building codes and architectural specifications as regular construction with a good advantage set.
We present a constructive solution in which 90% of the work is carried off-site. The factory environment allows optimization of processes, cutting on production time.
The factory controlled process generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and mitigates the risk of weather delays, significantly reducing costs.