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Luxury Clovers is an innovative modular building company, brought together in 2017 by a Portuguese-french alliance. The company’s vision is based on simplicity, providing a luxury solution for your modular building requirements. This is sustained by using modern construction techniques and above the market thermal and acoustic insulation.

By bringing together edgy modern architecture and sophisticated design our construction models cater for our client’s most exquisite building requirements. Our modular homes are built in an industrial controlled environment and delivered as a turnkey project.

Our modular homes will range from a diverse typology and no two homes are the same, with every project designed and constructed according to bespoke specifications.

Our services are available for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

The Company

Our Vision

Luxury Clovers aims to be recognized as the go to modular construction company, based on architecture and design guided by the highest construction standards. Our services are based in a clear and open relationship with our clients, listening to their creative or specific requests and adapting them to their personal needs or building site requirements.

How we do it

Luxury Clovers aims to build spaces that reflect your lifestyle needs, bringing together luxury and personality.

We are fully committed to our clients’ needs and desires and finding the answers they require to achieve their dream build.

By using the most efficient and sustainable construction techniques, the most advanced materials and working closely with renowned national and international brands, our bespoke and tailored projects come to life to fulfill your dreams.


A compact solution, using galvanized steel, precision engineered for maximum efficiency, our design and construction methods are in line with current building regulations and environmental standards.


Modular buildings are suitable for almost any site. In addition, this gives the client incredible freedom whilst ensuring their project stays on time and on budget with no surprises along the way.


Modern architecture and designs, incorporating state of the art technology, to ensure sustainable houses and projects.


Turnkey guarantee delivery saves 90% of time.


Higher sustainable ecological builds offer all the structural integrity and insulation properties of traditional construction methods while being kind to the environment.

Luxury Clovers uses the most efficient and reliable construction techniques that ensure the optimization of our resources. We currently work for the portuguese and foreign markets, having a presence in France with our Labenne based partner, Home Industrie.


Construction companies
Architects and design offices



Our convenient, low impact, affordable building process maximizes production time. Your build is ready in a shorter period and with no delays.


By partnering with Luxury Clovers, your range of products can grow exponentially. New challenges brought onto construction with Covid guarantee this construction type to be effective. As a gym or yoga studio, a coffee shop, a commercial development, a home office or simply a new home, our models are infinitely versatile and effortlessly stylish.

Time saving

We work in a factory-controlled environment, allowing us to manufacture 365 days-a-year, 24 hours-a-day in a climate-controlled environment. This eliminates delays due to weather or trades and ensures there are no unexpected costs while creating an exceptionally well-insulated building that is warm, light, and economical to run.

Permanent support

Our team is there all the way, ensuring every construction stage is finished to the highest standard.

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